Illinois Lake Site 6C

Minnesota DNR tapped the team of Parkin Engineering/Smith-Root to design a barrier near the lake outlet to prevent the upstream migration of invasive carp from the West Fork Little Sioux River. The lake outlet channel runs south and is surrounded by wetlands. The channel crosses County Road 4 through two identical concrete culverts with elliptical cross sections. The electrical deterrence system was chosen to be installed on the downstream end of the culverts.

The deterrence system was designed to not reduce the flow capacity of the existing culverts. Long sections of both culverts were removed and replaced with dense, electrically resistant concrete box culverts with electrodes to impart the electrical field to the culvert outlet. Jason Kent, P.E. led the deterrence system design team that included electrical engineers and technicians, civil and structural engineers, and fish biologists. Smith-Root also conducted construction inspections, system commissioning, and training of the DNR staff that will operate the deterrence system. It was constructed and commissioned in October 2015.

  • Location: Round Lake, Minnesota
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  • Architect: Illinois Lake Site 6C
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