Scofield/Hing Residence

The Scofield/Hing Residence is a two-story wood framed single family residence approximately 5,000 square feet located on the shore of Yale Lake in Washington State. A long interior vaulted roof was constructed through the center portion of the home. The vaulted roof was constructed using steel flitch beams and standard wood rafters to eliminate the need for a traditional ridge beam providing a completely uninterrupted vaulted ceiling. Due to the expanse of glazing on both ends of the main vaulted great room, steel moment frames were used to provide support for the glazing and later force resistance for the building.

  • Location: Cowlitz County, Washington
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  • Architect: Scofield/Hing Residence
  • Contractor: Scofield/Hing Residence
  • Owner: Scofield/Hing Residence